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Front Page-Word Grid Examples-Word Banner etc. See Administration

You can define the size of a word grid, the number of words, the styling, the line space and many more.
So it is possible to create "Word Banners" in usual sizes which you can implement in other websites for example.

I. e. a Fullsize-Banner (468x60) ...
... or Skyscraper (120x600)

... or any other size. You can use the Word Link Script
manage your links to your own websites or to others websites. Simply implement a Word Grid in to another website by adding a small html snippet to the websites code.

That way you can easily create an automatic Link Exchange, sell link space on your projects
or manage your links i.e. in the footer of your web projects
without changing the html code of the sites each time.

All links behind the words can be "Real Links" of course
so that your link partners/customers will get a real backlink
which is important for search engine optimizing.

Let the script sort the word links automatically by hits ...
All links will get the same rank at the time
because links with less hits will be ranked higher which will bring more traffic at the time.

See the Administration Area of the script
Read about all Features of the Word Link Script