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The Word Link Script - Demo FAQ page

Can I use this script to make money?

Yes, you can! This script runs fully automatic and you don't have to mess with technical things or html. You can easily administrate this script via the online control area.
Check the demo out here.

Can I implement a word banner into another website of me?

Yes, very simple! Each word grid can be implemented into another website by simly adding the html code. See below, this is the Fullsize Banner example from the submenu "Word Banner". You can integrate all word grids in other webpages without big work!

You can decide whether the word selection process should take place on your main word link site or as plugin without your word link's site design on another website.

Can I add Blog and FAQ entries online?

Yes, both! Via the control area you can add, edit and delete all what you want of your Blog and FAQ.

Is it possible to change the design, text and templates?

Of course it is! With the including template editor you can online change the text and logo, upload files for using them in Blog or FAQ entries, disable menu items, change design, what you like!

Is it possible to edit word entries?

Yes, you can edit, activate, disable or delete them online.

Can I write emails online as administrator?

For sure! The control area makes it possible to write emails online. You can save them also as templates for further emails with the same content.

Which payment methods are included?

Paypal, 2Checkout, AlertPay, SafePay, e-Gold and more are currently in development.

Can I add Google Adsense to make additional money?

Yes, the script is designed to use the website's place effective. You only have to insert your ad code once via the control area, and it will be shown on your site. You can add code for a horizontal use below the footer and a vertical use at the right side.

Does this script comes with a mouse-over box and hits counter?

Oh yes. Everything is included perfectly. Check it out at this demo.

I do not have any knowledge of html or programming?

Yes, it is made for you, too! We developed the script to run fully automatic and made the control area as simple and user friendly as we could. So you can use this amazing features without big knowledge of programming.

I am a pro! Can I customize the script like I want for my own use?

Yes, as long as you are using your script for your own and do not sell the script or parts of it, you are free to customize it as you want!

What more is this script able to do?

You will find all features of this script at the description on If you got further questions, please send us an email about our contact form.